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Friends of the Community,

The number of Americans who suffer from addiction is at a high. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). 19.7 million American adults (12 years and older) were identified to have substance use disorder and the numbers are growing in 2022.

The Empowerment House was founded on August 2018 after having identified the need in our communities of the men and women in need of increase support; after experiencing substance use disorder symptoms.  The Empowerment House is actively dedicated to assist in the fight against addiction and substance use by offering up to a year of housing and the services of the 8 life-skills listed on our Services page. The Empowerment House humbly asks for your support and we are requesting donations and/or a silent auction item.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Your name and/or business can be recorded on our sponsor page with your consent. For more information about The Empowerment House and how you can help us, help our communities. Feel free to contact us.


Jaleel Tyson

Treasurer of The Empowerment House

"Look at a man or woman the way that they are, They only become worst. But look at them as they were, what they could be, they become what they should be".-Goethe

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